17 May 2013


We bought a pound of sushi-grade salmon from Wholefoods because I don't think there are other places to get sushi-grade salmon in the suburbs. It was $20, which is ok, I suppose. It's something like $14 in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.
I used a bread knife to cut the salmon and I ended up making a bunch of nigiri and some salmon and cucumber maki. The  maki near the top of the plate are the ones with too much rice (where I covered the entire nori with rice), while the ones near the bottom are made with a thin layer of rice on only 2/3 of the nori. Also, it was surprisingly more difficult than I expected to cut the maki to the same height.

In the background, you can see my sister's cheese and cucumber sushi. She only eats salmon in sashimi form.

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