01 March 2011

Late July Vanilla Bean and Green Tea Sandwich Cookies

I'm going to admit it; I was highly swayed by advertising. The phrase "Green Tea" caught my eye, and I believed that for once, I could buy a green tea flavoured cookie from a non-specialty store!
I was so upset when I realised that these sandwich cookies do not taste like green tea. Green tea is actually the last ingredient on the list. In fact, if it weren't for the placebo effect [after chewing on the cookie for simply ages and thinking, oh! Perhaps that bitter note was the green tea!], I would honestly just say that they are normal sandwich cookies.
Compared to Oreos, however, they are much more flavourful. The cookies are crunchier, more chocolately, and more crumbly textured [instead of the uniform texture of Oreos]. The vanilla filling isn't that waxy, actually tastes vanilla-ful, is less sweet, and really melts well in my mouth. It has dimension, unlike the Oreo cookie filling.

Of course, I may be swayed [yet again] by the fact that these are organic and reputedly made by one family [although how they get each cookie to look perfect with the indents and stuff is beyond a "one family operation", in my opinion, and as the website states that this is all cooked up by one mother, she should understand that other mothers/people in general don't like spending 2x the amount of money to buy something that is already unhealthy. Except for the mental-chillness of eating cookies, they are physically not really healthy, no matter what people say.


  1. You don't think you're biased at all just to hate Oreo's since its such a substantial staple in so many peoples' diets today? And that it's run by Nabisco?

  2. Of course I'm biased! A blog is a person's biased opinion/judgments. I don't hate Oreos. They're yummy and cost efficient [but I don't like the cream part as much as I like the cookie part]!! I'm just comparing this expensive version to them because they are similar products.
    Nabisco makes Wheat Thins which are one of my favourite crackers ever, so I'm not dissin' on them.

  3. I hope you know that you're reading a blog, which of course will be opinionated. And Oreos should not be a staple in anybody's diet unless they're trying to be morbidly obese.