05 August 2013

Bounty Bar

Bounty bars are very simple. They're like Almond Joys but they lack the almond, and they have their logo and palm trees stamped on their bottoms. I guess they're the Commonwealth equivalent to Almond Joys. They have different ingredients, too. I like their wrapper more, though.

02 August 2013

Flesh Products from the IFT Expo

Am I surprised that there weren't many animal flesh products at the IFT Expo? Most of the samples were attempts to make cereal/candy/chocolate/desserts more "healthy". However, there were some snacks that showcased the lastest in animal flesh preservation technology. There was also a booth that was giving out plates of cooked animal flesh which was extremely delicious, but their marketing seems to have failed because everyone was standing in line obtaining a plate of grilled meat, disregarding the company name, and not signing deals. Or maybe I didn't notice because I'm ignorant.

1. Plate of Scrumptious Grilled Animal Flesh

2. Beef Sticks

These were very flavourful but had a peculiar texture. The casing was typically chewy, but the filling can be described as a combination of sawdust, tuna, and pork floss. This may have been due to the oleoresin? I would've expected a more cohesive or gelatinous texture. Despite this, they were delicious.

3. Teriyaki Jerky

This was unusually sweet and rectangular. It had an arid texture that warranted reluctant chewing.

01 August 2013

Chips Chips Chips

So how is the world of chips (crisps) doing today? From the IFT Expo, IFTSA Mixer and Dominick's, I managed to scanvenge a whole stomachful of new flavours and types of chips and now I have to admit that yes, apparently I do collect interesting chip wrappers (I've been in denial about this for the past 3 years).

1. Munchos Flamin' Hot Chips
These are radioactive in terms of color and taste. After a few dozen of them, my fingertips were tainted pinkish-red. The chips are really thin and spicy (possibly the spiciest I've ever had, but that doesn't mean much because I don't go on a quest for spicy chips) and lack pretty much any other flavor.

I had a trade sample! Unfortunately, I now have lost the wrapper :( I wonder what I'm going to do with the current wrappers and Pringles/Stax canisters in my collection, which currently includes cucumber, lemon tea, blueberry, steak and fries, dill pickle, and seafood.

2. Ruffles Max Flame Grilled Steak Chips

These taste slightly burnt and steaky, as expected and offer an addictive fragrance. The wondrous smell of them linnnngers on me now...I hope you know, I hope you knowwww that steak chips are tasty and limited edition...It's personal-sized, for myself and I, we've got some pigging out to do...

3. Doritos Dinamita

What a novel shape - rolled tortilla straws! Unfortunately, I did not have any cocktails, gazpacho, bruschetta, or chowders to sip with them. These were mildly spicy and offered a punch of green pepper (although the package claims that it is red pepper, all I feel are bursts of green bell pepper). These are so entertaining to eat!

4. Seneca Apple Chips

I feel negatively towards this product because an entire scrumptious apple is likely less than 100 Calories and fat free, while this meagre package of 5 g fat prompts the (cliche) joke "Who put some chips in my container of air?"

Sure, it's tasty, but it lacks any sort of caramel flavour. And sure, maybe this snack can prompt kids to eat more "fruit" (does this even count as a serving of (fresh) fruit, though?) but I dislike the marketing techniques and the fact that there is packaging. Fried apple in a packet. Other products on this line include fried pear in a packet.

An apple is just less convenient, right?

5. Peppadew Sweet & Spicy Potato Chips

These are sour. Like, pickle sour. But, after frantic chewing, the potato starch itself is sweet. They're also pretty spicy and umami. Absolutely delicious!

6. Limon Cheetos
Well, these are lime flavoured but I had been under the impression that "limon" is "lemon". I forgot to take pictures of it. The Cheetos smell like barbecued or rotisserie chicken. You know how Cheetos are bright orange? Well, these are bright red. They taste sour (like lime) and spicy, but are NOT cheesy.