02 January 2014

Lasagne and Meatballs

Used up a bunch of leftovers to make lasagne and meatballs. While my tactics are questionable, the fridge is now organized and the food tastes fine.

The lasagne has a lot more cheese than necessary, and also includes leftover turkey pepperoni (my sister has now decided that she no longer wants them). The sauce includes homemade sauce, store-bought pasta sauce, a teaspoon of leftover vegetable cream cheese and a few tablespooons of leftover Greek yoghurt in lieu of butter. It is a very beefy four layers (1 lb of cow, pepperoni, cheese, tomato, spices, yum). I added an extra lasagne sheet, which is that crusty topping.

The 78 meatballs were made with:
 1+ lb of minced cow
4 slices of toast, crumbled by hand (my mum ate the first two slices I made. Oh no!)
>1 cup shredded mozzarella
1 chopped onion
4 cloves chopped garlic (enclose cloves between two bowls and shake vigorously to remove skin -- see here)
1 egg
1 tbsp oil
1/4 cup milk

and baked for 20 mins at 350F. The cheese oozes to the bottom, so you have to cook it on the bottom rack in order for the cheese to crust up when it falls onto the pan. Cooking on the top rack means the cheese melts but doesn't crust up anything and you end up with meatballs in puddles of fat.

Now, what to do with a pound of leftover shredded mozzarella?
Cheesy bread tomorrow ...maybe.

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