11 February 2011

Double Dinner Friday!

...Last Friday!
Double Dinner Friday is a not-dorm-house-sanctioned "cult" activity that some people in my dorm house do every month except November. We all gather in the basement [which is pretty nice and has carpet and stuff, so it's not like hazing and it isn't really cultish or freaky; I suppose if our basement was like the cliche movie basement, Double Dinner Friday would be quite quirky]. On the first Friday at 9pm of each month [except November!], we gather, share [usually unhealthy] food, dance, chat, and have fun.
Double Dinner Friday occurred last Friday, but I didn't have time to write about it. I decided to live in this same dorm house [but I got a double instead of a quad!] solely because there is a lot of food here, the environment is nice [yes, our own bathrooms!], and DOUBLE DINNER FRIDAY EXISTS! Now, last time I went, there was microwaved mac and cheese-flavoured sauce, a lot of chips, candy, soda, etc. This time, there was actually a nice cheese bowl and a vegetable bowl! Whoo!
Also, the smoked cheese kettlecorn doesn't taste like smoked cheese. For anyone who intends to try out Indiana Popcorn Smoked Cheese Kettlecorn, it doesn't taste that great... It tastes like popcorn with sour cream. So, if you like sour cream, I suppose it'd be amazing.
The cocoa flavour one tasted good, except it was literally drenched in sugar, so it's terribly bad for my body and makes my adipose tissue grow.

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