07 June 2011

Stealing Food From The Fridge.

So, I'm really irked right now for a really small reason.
Someone stole some of my food (baked eggplant) from the communal fridge in the kitchen.
I know that stealing food occurs commonly with people living in an apartment together, and I never imagined that I would be so upset about it! I liked my baked eggplant! Why would someone steal it?!
In addition, I overheard that other people's stuff have been stolen too, including a jar of Nutella, bananas, and pizza. I'm scared that the stolen eggplant may be retaliation to the other people's stuff being stolen, because they probably think that I stole their food.
I didn't.
But, who would they accuse? Their sisters (they're in a sorority together), or a complete stranger (me)?
So now I guess I'll have to sacrifice convenience for $/cooking time, because as soon as I get back from work and biking, I'm going to move all my stuff to the mini-fridge in my room. Maybe I'll leave the bak choi in the communal fridge, though.

I'll also have to mark my name on everything from now on.