01 September 2012

Montreal Day 4 (last)!

We ate leftover baguette, cheese, and ground cherries for breakfast, and we had a nice 20-minute walk up to Mont Royal (the hill - going up Rue Peel was more tiring than going up the hill itself!), with a cloudy view. Actually, all of Mont Royal was neat and not TOO large.

But first! The Atwater Market (near where we stayed) 6.50$
I got some more maple syrup here! Instead of 20$ for 3 cans, it's 19.50$, though the boy who sold the can to me didn't speak a word of English. This market had an indoor corridor that had a bakery and pastries, which included a giant macaron filled with fruit. All those times I was searching for a French bakery, and it was 5 minutes from where I lived, all along! Ugh!

Schwartz ~15$
We finally made it to the Plateau of Mont Royal! This is the place with what I consider possibly the best foods...but I didn't get to try much of it. I have to go back to Montreal to try poutine at La Banquise, and other local foods, since my brother didn't want to walk around sampling food. It was also the last day, and I didn't really want to bring foods back to the US. So, my brother and I each got a smoked meat sandwich and a sausage, and ate the food outside the Biosphere.
 The sandwich probably had a larger cross section than length x width. It was stuffed with warm smoked meat! There were chunks of fat, whole peppercorns, and a smear of mustard. Having not eaten chunks of pig flesh often since 2006, it was really interesting wolfing down all the tender slices, the flavourful fat blobs, and the really chewy bread. It was phenomenal. Animals are so delicious, although I don't really want to eat them often.

 The sausage was alright.

Juliette & Chocolat ~26$
 My brother got a galette with pear, chevre, and honey. I've always been under the impression that "galette" was a tart or pie or cake, because in "galette des Rois", you bury a figurine in the batter, and bake it, and whoever gets the slice with the figurine becomes "King" for a day. However, it appears that "galette" is a pancake.
 I got a chocolate trifle, and now I am positive that I love salted caramel! It was ridiculously sweet and my throat was parched. The chocolate brownie was good, but not gourmet. The white stuff was merely whipped cream that had been in metal jugs (so I assume that it's homemade). The chocolate sauce was also quite normal.

I saw two banana split trifle things being made. Each had a large dense squiggle of caramel/cookie, and the first one had the dense squiggle sticking out of the tall glass. However, in making the second banana split, the dense squiggle started leaning! To fix this, the squiggle was tucked into the other side of the glass, thus making a tent thing. Interesting how they remedy this!

Fairmount Bagel 2$
This place was packed with trays of bagels! There was one narrow walkway and our bags completely blocked other customers from entering. I got a museli bagel while my brother got a blueberry one. Montreal bagels are baked in a fire oven (which we saw), which is different from NY bagels.

The museli bagel had chunks of dried fruit in it! I'm not really sure how it differs from a good NY bagel since I don't think I've ever had good bagels. I guess the Montreal bagel was less sweet, and tasted more crusty and chewy. I suppose it's like comparing baguette (Montreal) to sandwich bread (NY). It wasn't salty, and it felt kinda wholesome.
But then again, I didn't enjoy the blueberry one, which did NOT taste wholesome. My brother likes blueberry everything.

St Viateur Bagel, less than 1$
They didn't have whole wheat bagels, so I got a previously unheard-of flax one instead, and it was great! I enjoyed it more than the museli one, as it was more chewy.

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