02 September 2012

Pattaya Thai Cuisine

My mum and sister stayed with me in Philadelphia for a few days! I rekindled my love for fiery Thai cuisine on the first night they stayed over, at Pattaya Thai Cuisine. The last time I had legitimate Thai food was at least three or four years ago (and I loved it then too). Unfortunately, my sister was not a fan of the spice (even though we got "very mild" dishes).

I have never had drunken noodles before, and these vegetable ones tasted a bit tomato-y and sweet. I'm not sure what they're supposed to taste like. I enjoyed them though!

We also got a panang red curry with cow, which meant that there was peanut in the sauce. The curry sauce was so creamy and umami. How I lived for all this time without Thai food confuses me.

My sister got some spring rolls which she did not enjoy (they were ok), and we shared some calamari rings which had a really nice sweet, sour, and spicy sauce and lettuce with dressing. It turns out that the "fried and chewy fish rings" that I used to eat in Australia are not in fact cod, but actually squid.

I was highly satisfied.

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