02 August 2013

Flesh Products from the IFT Expo

Am I surprised that there weren't many animal flesh products at the IFT Expo? Most of the samples were attempts to make cereal/candy/chocolate/desserts more "healthy". However, there were some snacks that showcased the lastest in animal flesh preservation technology. There was also a booth that was giving out plates of cooked animal flesh which was extremely delicious, but their marketing seems to have failed because everyone was standing in line obtaining a plate of grilled meat, disregarding the company name, and not signing deals. Or maybe I didn't notice because I'm ignorant.

1. Plate of Scrumptious Grilled Animal Flesh

2. Beef Sticks

These were very flavourful but had a peculiar texture. The casing was typically chewy, but the filling can be described as a combination of sawdust, tuna, and pork floss. This may have been due to the oleoresin? I would've expected a more cohesive or gelatinous texture. Despite this, they were delicious.

3. Teriyaki Jerky

This was unusually sweet and rectangular. It had an arid texture that warranted reluctant chewing.

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