25 November 2010


I don't need reminding. I am fully aware that it's Thanksgiving, or Turkey day, or "The day I'm supposed to rest so that I can get up in 5 hours to go to buy a camera... at a $10 discount".

However, I don't need Hallmark to tell me that I'm supposed to be thankful once a year. I am thankful a lot more than that... and I don't need a dead hot turkey to tell me that.
It's funny, because my mum said, "oh yeah we're gonna buy some turkey tomorrow because we have enough food in the fridge for today's dinner". "Enough food" is a vast understatement, though, because my family likes to keep the fridge full. I'm not really sure why.

So, anyway, today I noticed a container, in which there were 2.5 cookies.
2.5 gigantic cookies.
2.5 cookies the size of...well, a slice of bread. Except, however, that they have three times the calories. Or 4, depending on whether one buys the cheap white bread.
Looks like a normal cookie, right? [Nice ratio of chocolate to cookie, by the way]
Those are not mini bagels. Those are the bagels from Costco.
Princeton sure knows how to feed HS kids... [my brother got this from a tournament at Princeton last week].

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