04 December 2010

December Birthday Parties!

Every month, my dorm house has a celebration for birthdays. This month's party was the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a lot of food. There were M&M pancakes, carrot cake, lemon bars, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse [simply amazing!] and potato latkes.
Here is a terrible photo of the chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon bar, and a peek of the peak of chocolate mousse. I completely forgot to take pictures of the latkes, but they were really thinly grated pieces of potato [think cheddar-cheese-sized pieces], fried in hot oil until orangy brown. For some reason, they tasted fishy to me, so I stayed away from them. I don't think that there was any fish in it, though.
The M&M pancakes made the pancakes really blue. Although it's not shown well on the camera, the pancakes were literally sky-blue coloured. They were delicious, though, and at some point, CG made a square pancake. I didn't take a picture of it, though, but MF did. So, I'm not going to upload it because it isn't my picture. However, I can say that it was a square pancake, perhaps 30cm x 30cm, with a smiley face dented into it.

Then I went to Double Dinner Friday, which was completely amazing but I didn't bring my camera, so next time I'll take pictures of the food [but really, it's all packaged carbohydrate material]

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