27 February 2012

Italian Cibo Weekend!

Last Saturday, my dorm house had Italian food catered to us for the Lucid Dinner. Lucid was our first house Dean, and he made a bunch of cool traditions that carry on to this day (e.g. study break!!).

 Last Sunday, my GA invited all of us (about 15 showed up?) to make Italian gnocchi! I have failed at making gnocchi once before, and this time, I got to learn from an Italian!! It was great, and I had a lot of fun!! I skipped half of my organic chem workshop for it, but who cares?! I even learned how to roll a properly shaped gnocchi using a fork!
 First we all peeled potatoes. 5lbs?
 Then we cut the potatoes and boiled them.
 We all mashed them directly on the table!
 And added a lot of flour to it, and rolled them out and cut them. We made a LOT OF DELICIOUS GNOCCHI!!
 My GA made some vodka + cream + tomato sauce. I've had vodka sauce once before, and it wasn't great at all! This time, it was great - fresh, creamy, tangy.

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