24 February 2012


The Penn Vietnamese Society had Pho Night, complete with club members having cute "Got Pho?" shirts. For those who don't know, Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, usually with cow pieces, and it's supposedly DELICIOUS. It's one food my brother's tried before I have, because I don't generally eat cow pieces. However, TJ told me that they would serve vegetarian pho, so, of course... OFF I GO!!
The Penn Vietnamese Society came up with an ingenious way of serving some 240 bowls of pho. They had those quart-sized plastic tubs, each filled with cooked rice noodles and a choice of raw beef slices, tofu, or chicken(...?? not sure). Huge metal pots of broth were brought upstairs (into the Rooftop Lounge) from the kitchens on the 24th floor. This broth was then scooped into the tubs when we customers chose our tubs. Plenty of people turned up, and even though we got there a tad early, the line was already pretty long. They also hadn't got the vegetarian broth ready, so TJ and I waited for a bit. They also apparently dropped a pot of beef broth, which is really unfortunate.

The vegetarian pho was pretty delicious; there was a hint of lime juice (which was COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED).

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