16 March 2012

Magic Carpet

So I guess I've been to Magic Carpet more often than any other food truck, and now I've tried all the pita bread sandwiches that I've wanted to try. The one below is the Sloppy Jason (from Monday), which is basically a vegetarian chili with tofu. It isn't as good as the Magic Meatball sandwich, though.
 SP got a falafel and rice thing which came with one pita bread.
 Today I got a the falafel sandwich, and I think that it's the best thing to get here; the tahini sauce is great!! Other ones that I've tried include the seitan sandwich and the tofu salad one. Those weren't too special. I guess the sandwiches with the tomato-based sauces aren't as good as that tahini! I guess if I come here again, I'll only get the falafel sandwich. However, I really need to branch out and try the other food carts.

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