07 July 2012

Hwang Bu Ja Soondubo Specialty (Korean/Japanese Restaurant)

Last month, my family went to lunch with HM's family. It was the day before I left to come back to Penn, and I completely forgot to document the experience! It was the second or third time I've been to a sit-down Korean restaurant (the first one or two being Korean BBQ when I was...10?), and this one was called "Hwang Bu Ja Soondubo Specialty". It was quite empty during lunch; only two or three other tables were occupied (yet it was Saturday around 1pm). Nevertheless, the owner of the restaurant was friendly, helpful with menu selections, and gave us 4 raw eggs even though there were 9 of us.

The above food items were absolutely delicious, especially the pickled cucumber. I could eat a whole jar of that stuff.

I ordered the Tofu Pot Stew with Sprout Rice in Stoneware. It was a huge bowl of chewy short-grain rice, raw sprouts, tofu, and cucumber. I cracked an egg into it but the egg wouldn't cook! So, I had to press the egg against the edge of the bowl, and it was quite delicious. The spicy sauce was also really good. There was way too much of it so I ended up not finishing it, but that may be because I also ate some of the grilled pancake and I also tried the dish my mum got ("Mixed uncurdled bean curd") and the one my brother got ("Octopus, udon noodle, vegetables and spicy sauce"). I LOVE UDON!

I kind of wish they had a non-animal version of this delectable looking protein item, so that I could try it.

My sister's meal, I think. She took this picture.

The tofu that my mum got. It tasted a bit fermented. Overall, I enjoy Korean food, but I don't think that I am a huge fan.

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