04 July 2012

Independence Day

This day, I got a lot of free iced tea because Wawa was giving them out. I also got a piece of candy   and a cupcake. There were allegedly 1776 cupcakes (that's what the flyer said, but the flyer also predicted the wrong time for the fireworks), but at around 12:30, the loudspeaker announced that there were over 2500. I was near the front of the line because I had gotten there so much earlier. So many people tried to cut into the front of the line, because, of course, they felt entitled, and they didn't want to wait at the back of the line. Fortunately, the people in charge ushered everyone who tried to cut to the back. So I got my cupcake as planned. It was a very plain cupcake, by Termini Bros. I wonder who got to eat the 5 layer cake.

1 comment:

  1. TERMINIS!!!!!!!!!! My house is directly in front of Termini's in South Philly. Those cupcakes were my childhood. They used to give kids free cupcakes, back when they were $0.25.

    Also had my late birthday party today and had a Termini's cake.