02 August 2010

Cocoa Oatsy Couscous

Oat bran?
You probably automatically think of bran muffins. With raisins.
Hm, maybe a salad this time, or some savoury side dish.

Yesterday I discovered that cocoa powder goes well with everything. So, this morning I had cold oat bran with mango and COCOA POWDER. It is amazing. It tastes just like chocolate, sans icky-sweet-stuff, and the texture of oat bran [which I love, and is a key component to this meal] perfectly contrasts with the smooth gooey part composed of the water/cocoa/oatyness.
Then I decided to make chocolate couscous, which isn't as great, because I don't like couscous as much as oat bran, but it is still quite a novelty for me. I took a bunch of pictures but they all don't fit. [That is a euphemism. Out of context, you will realise why the photos are inappropriate for a food blog.] so I just have one of each. Or should I say one of eat? [since I'm out of oat bran now :( so I gotta get more!!]

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