13 May 2010

Art Shows Cookies

Sup? Persimmon. SUP PERsimmon?
Supper. @ Simon Mall Company. aka our town mall.
Well, I had already had dinner, but I went to volunteer anyway, for NAHS. Art show today...my art piece was the bread [above] from my concentration...the show itself, though, wasn't that great in the sense I got hit with reality [again]. Usually, I'm the crowd, spoiled with free food... hogging the corner of the table in order to get the second cookie [Well, truth be told, I'm not hogging the table, but if there's leftover food I'm willing to take it.] But... today was just people swarming, picking and dropping cookies and grabbing apple juice. Weird... how we all know this stuff kills us yet we go taking and taking and taking... and hoarding...
This is why stuff costs $$. If we were allowed to take what we wanted, we'd all get fat and grumpy, like the mice in experiments [which, to put it out there, saves YOU from whatever illness you have/had. So don't go all PETA-crappin' on me].
So... voici des photos.
Well, this is what we started with, along with 3 jugs of apple juice.
This is the third tray of cookies. I didn't have the camera for the other trays because my mum had it, and they were gone wayyy too fast.
This is a few minutes later. I sampled [with A, so we split them] the chocolate chip [typical good], cranberry [very buttery.], jam [very buttery], nut [okay.], oatmeal [instant oatmeal? It was chewier than I had expected], and brownie [literally a brownie in the shape of a cookie.].

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