22 May 2010

Pecan Pie Square.

Okay, I ate this a long time ago, but I never had the chance to blog about it... so here is chocolate number 15. Ghiradelli Pecan Pie Square... which my dad got from work when they gave them out at some point [Christmas? This was a long time ago].
Firstly, one may notice the elegant wrapping. Why would anyone bother wrapping one square of chocolate in not only yellow card, but also with a snowflake? Dude, posh.

Anyway... As soon as I peeled off the wrapper, the smell of pecan wafted into my room. No, not just wafted, more like STABBED! my nostrils with the smell of pecan. It was as though I was transported into a pecan pie [not that that will ever happen :(]! Ahhhh redolence...
You can actually see the pecan bits!
I have to say that it tasted great. It tastes like real pecan. Not pie, exactly; it tasted more like chocolate and pecans mixed together into something creamy and wayyyyyy better than Hershey's caramel pecan clusters [ahem. those were upsetting]! I'm usually not a pecan person, having never grown up consuming them on a regular basis [and I am a very emotional eater], but this was very nice. :D A new flavour, guys.

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