04 March 2010

Veggie Crunchers.

I really would rather call them "Veggie Chips", but there's probably some copyright issue with FritoLay or something, or someone did a [as typical] bad translation from Chinese to English. Anyway, these... chips are extremely crunchy!!! There is a weird sweet and salty taste, because, as you can probably tell, SWEET potato is sweet. Thus, sweet potato chips covered in [ostensibly,] "sea salt" just tastes kinda weird. Not "bad", exactly [as in, not like mint chocolate + fat free plain yoghurt, which is the WORST COMBINATION OF FOOD IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!], but just not satisfying. Also, though they aren't fried, they still contain 6g fat per 28 g serving. Sure, it's better than Doritos [8g per 28g serving], but I think I'd rather eat the vegetables raw.
In order: Sweet potato [brown skin], carrot, taro, green bean [THE BEST PART!], purple thing... I don't think that it's taro, but it probably is, but it's too dark..., squash - a.k.a. pumpkin [green skin]. Now, a 3D view!:

Sittin' on my chair. I'll definitely buy a pack of green bean chips in the future, but I probably won't be buying these again. They're not super. [Well, my mum bought them.]

On another note, today in Calc we had an M&M lab, in which we had a graph of f(x)=xx+1, and we found its integral by putting M&Ms in the area between [0,3] and between f(x) and the x-axis. I put them in order of colour... turns out I had a lot of green, a lot of blue, barely any red.. some orange and yellow and brown. I didn't take a picture because I'm not allowed to use my phone [though if I had brought it, I'm sure I would've been allowed to...]. It was pretty chill.


  1. they look very colourful but i usually find really low fat food really tasteless. a bit like cardboard sometimes.

  2. It's a purple sweet potato:)