03 March 2011

The Toaster.

I put two slices of bread into the toaster at Hill. It's a conveyor belt toaster. One piece of toast came out. The other piece disappeared. I peered into the toaster. I saw nothing. I shrugged it off and figured that perhaps I had hallucinated putting in two slices of bread.

I put in a new slice of bread. A minute or so later, it slid out of the toaster. I prepared to leave.
Then I noticed a rolled up piece of bread, wedged between the underside of the toaster and the end of the conveyor belt [on the external side of the toaster]. I assume that the piece of toast, instead of sliding off the conveyor belt on the internal side, ended up flipping into the underside of the conveyor belt.

That roll of toast was the most amazing invention.

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