11 May 2012

Crispy Stuff!

As a backup to my (no, it's not failed! It's just...premature) croissants, I decided to make some crispy cracker-crisp things because I accidentally bought too much flour.

 I used this recipe but instead of using poppy seeds, I used wheat germ to make these extra wheaty. I suppose they're pretty healthy, as there is mainly whole wheat flour, wheat germ and sesame seeds. Unfortunately, because of the black sesame seeds, they are really not photogenic. Basically, you bake a huge, thin, rolled out piece of dough. Then you break it into crackers. Next time I will probably just poke lines with a fork so that when I break them, they will be more evenly-shaped (or, I could just give someone a huge sheet of cracker with cut lines and then these crackers can be a thing cool kids bring to school for snack. Haha.). My sister shoveled this stuff in her mouth along with the risotto leftovers from yesterday (she eats risotto now! Surprise surprise!).

 Incidentally, my mum bought some "Chinese Spaghetti Sauce" (its Chinese name is "sauce to mix with noodles or rice"). With a name so funny, who can resist using it? There's a lot of oil in the product, along with cubes of something that tasted like sardines. It turns out that it's tofu and gluten, and it tastes absolutely delicious! The name cracks me up every time. It would be even more hilarious if it had been spelled as "Chinese Spaghetty Sauce".

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