09 June 2013

Five Guys Burgers & Fries (Finally?!)

Hey! I did what all the popular people are doing!
Did that sound wrong to you?

Since 2010, I've had this modicum of desire to buy a cow burger. However, I was vegetarian and was perfectly happy eating non-animals.
So time went by.
The puny desire for a burger grew a little.
The town next to mine got a Smashburger.
Still vegetarian.
Our town got a Five Guys.
Last year, I stopped being vegetarian by getting a burger at Shake Shack. It was good.
And this year, I finally got to try a burger from Five Guys in Ithaca!
I think I prefer this over Shake Shack because I don't like buttered buns and I like having lots of vegetable items and pickles in my burger.

Another time, we also went to get burgers at Jack's in Collegetown and I got the Bo Burger. I did not really like the buns because they were too airy and the overall burger was just ok.

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