11 December 2010


At the EcoReps Holiday Party, we decorated gingerbread figures from Trader Joe's. I love Trader Joe's, but the gingerbread was really bland. No kidding... it was dry and tasteless, but had an AMAZING texture. Too bad the gingery-sweet flavour didn't make up for it...I did like the chocolate candy covered in a candy shell. I did not like the icing from the cans... because, well, it's icing from a can, with a zillion stabilisers and propylene glycol and PHO and other random materials to make it never expire. Whoot!
Anyway, I first made a gingerbread bikini-clad girl with two other people but later I made my own gingerbread person. Hermaphrodite. I dunno...perhaps asexual.
Then I decided to go all out with a skeleton, too.
I mean... gingerbread items have rights, right? Haha...
The white dots are clotting factors. And fibrin. Haha. INJUREBREAD! I also posted this on So Much Pun

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