19 December 2010

Cram N Jam

...And Jam-filled doughnuts! Hopefully sticking information into my brain... There were a whole bunch of study breaks over finals week, and this one was set up by the 2014 class board. They had a lot of pizza, doughnuts, chips, baked goods, and ...some pastry thing with animal flesh inside.
So, the irony is that there were NO BURRITOS TO JACK!! I went to Cram N Jam to obtain a burrito.
I only ate a few tortilla chips... :(

I really do like Chipotle, or burritos in general. The one I had at MIT was amazing. So, I wasn't really happy trekking through ten minutes of rain to get some chips.
Close but no burrito. ["Close but no cigar", but I really dislike cigars and cigarettes and nicotene-type chemicals].
There were a lot of doughnuts. Boxes and boxes of them...glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, powdered, cream-filled, jam-filled, sugar coated...
Au Bon Pain also provided various baked goods. I tried a muffin with carrot and raisins in it, which was pretty moist.
I'd figure that with each doughnut being around 300 Calories, each slice of pizza being 300 Calories, random baked goods being 500 Cal [I mean, croissants were the size of dinner plates...], drinks being 140 Cal, and a serving of chips being 140 Cal, the average person consumed at least 1200 Calories withing those 2 hours. I wonder how much energy the brain expends when thinking? Does one expend more if one is more intelligent? Or less? I left early because there were no burritos.

Two more study breaks are coming up in blog posts...

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