20 December 2010


Monday Night [13th]: PIE!!!!
Study Break by my dorm house!
There were myriad pies of all shapes and colours and burns...
Oreo (3)
Coconut (2)
Chocolate (2)
Peach/mixed fruit (1 or 2)
Berry (2?)
Cherry (?)
Pumpkin (2)
Pecan (2)
Apple (?)
More? 18 total... x 12 slices each
And the coconut pie crust tasted like bacon. I am serious. I honestly doubt that they used lard, and the aluminium containers were new... so the crust really shouldn't've tasted like bacon.
Maybe, relative to the coconut and custard, the crust was bacon flavoured.
AND FUDGE! I didn't eat any cookies but the fudge... the chocolate fudge tasted a bit on the chocolate side rather than the soft, gooey side of fudge that I'm used to [I'm guessing there were no marshmallows in this batch]. The white fudge was literally gritty powdered sugar stacked into cubes. It was densely packed sweetness. Sort of like compact chunks of aspartame without the aftertaste [not that I would know, but they really don't give that much sweetener in those little packets, since each artificial sweetener is ~200? times sweeter than sucrose].
It's in a bucket.

BEST PIE EVER. I love chocolate pie. I actually also love key lime pie.
Actually, I like pie a lot more than I like cake, but cupcakes are much easier to draw.

I brought my coconut, cherry, chocolate, and fudge back to the computer lab because I had to study/write an 8-page final. The pies mixed together was... interesting. I liked the cherry chocolate combination.

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