17 December 2010


Exams over, did terrible in my honest opinion...

Well at least I had a really nice dinner today. Along with some snow in the morning. I should appreciate life more. Hey, I really really am grateful to get this far in life. I think I'm going to add AdSense to my blog now. I mean, I legally can now!

So I went to Kings Court for dinner with TJ, and this is the first time I've had a legitimate dinner since...Sunday. Seriously. I have just been that busy with studying, which was pretty futile because I still did terrible on my calc exam. I went from the 30th [or higher] percentile to below the 60th percentile, because of one exam.

So, I had a hodge podge of a-tad-undercooked roasted potatoes [it was raw enough to not taste floury, and roasted enough to not taste crunchy like an apple], green peppers, a tomato, basil, and tofu with vinaigrette salad thing, glazed carrots, and two random dips. The best thing about Kings Court's dining hall is the variety of dips. There are the staple hummus and lentil dips, but also tofu chipotle dip and carrot brown rice dip [the ginger in it ruins it, in my opinion]. Today, I tried the mustard cauliflower dip [which tasted just like really mild wasabi].

The main reason I go to Kings Court's dining hall is that the vegan brownies are amazing. They taste like gingerbread, with slivers of moist carrot dotted througout. They do not taste chocolatey at all, though, which I suppose would otherwise ruin the gingerbread flavour.
Actually, I will blog about the various vegan baked goods later, since I do have pictures of them, and there is actually a story about how I didn't end up with that many of them in my take-out box.

However, there were no vegan baked goods today!! I had to celebrate, somehow, so I got some ice cream. Actually, to be more correct, I obtained one scoop of raspberry sorbet [not that great. It wasn't tangy enough... and didn't taste like raspberry], two scoops of rainbow sherbet [yes! any sherbert is amazing! I particularly like lime/sour sherbert], and one scoop of peanut butter frozen yoghurt. I'm not quite sure what the peanut chips are, because they are definitely not normal peanut chips; it seems like it's frozen defatted peanut butter. I don't understand how they can solidify peanut butter into chunk form, but perhaps there's some saturation of the C bonds, or gelatin, or corn syrup solids...
The problem is that the peanut chunks tasted really smooth, which is generally not the case when there are stablisers, corn syrup solids, or flour etc. It didn't taste waxy, which you get with commercial-grade chocolates [Next time you get that chocolate coating on ice-creams or "chocolate candies", note how it tastes... oily and segmented...]

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