08 January 2011

Gooey Cheese "Biscuits"!

Well, I finally removed myself from Penn's food blog [I never posted on there anyway] because its style was very different from mine, and I prefer to vent out everything on this blog. Sure, they get more readers [do they?], but this blog was made by myself. Also, there's a lot of Penn-Dining-Hall- bashing/insulting/burning in effigy on there. While I disagree with the meal plan that we are forced to buy, I do like the food.
I had about half a jar of mayonnaise remaining from the potato salad I made last week, so I decided to use it to make something. But what? I'm not particularly fond of mayonnaise in the first place, so I had to make something that everyone else in the family would eat.

I found a recipe for mayonnaise biscuits written by someone who I don't think I like [judging by her writing style and comments and the fact that she uses mixes for basically everything; okay, I'm being narrow-minded and mean here].

I used it as the basis of what I made, but I made it better! You know it! Sure, they are "biscuits" in the American conventional definition, but they're definitely pretty good. A bit oily, but kind of like cheesy potato patties [without the potato]. The picture below is the batter made following her recipe.
The following is my version! Note that these are not British biscuits. Those are sweet, and a synonym for those is "cookie".

Ingredients for 12 patty-type-American-"biscuits"
1. 14 to 16 tbsp mayonnaise [Please. Get. The. Fatty. Original. Kind.]
2. 1/2 cup of fat-free milk
3. 1/4 cup whole fat milk, put into jar and swirled around so that the last globs of mayonnaise can be used
4. 1 cup of self-rising flour
5. 2 big tbsp of 100% whole wheat flour
6. 1/2 tsp baking soda
7. 2 cups of shredded cheese!
8. Lots of garlic powder and herbs! No salt is fine in my opinion.
1. Mix everything except ONE CUP of cheese. You will get something that looks like the image above^ [the dark spots are dried herbs; I used oregano, basil, and thyme]. The dough should be like muffin dough, and very sticky. It doesn't taste that great when it is uncooked.
2. Spoon evenly into 12 muffin cups. Since I don't have muffin cups, I spooned them into tart shells. And a pumpkin-shaped mould.
3. Sprinkle remaining cup of shredded cheese over each spoonful of batter.
4. Bake for 14-16 minutes at 400 degrees F in an un-preheated oven. I never preheat my oven...
5. Leave everything in the un-operating oven for 15-20 minutes.
These biscuit-patty-gooey-thingys taste very cheesy, gooey, and a bit oily. They are not the conventional dry American biscuit that you get at fried chicken restaurants. The texture is extremely spongy [like a sponge cake!]. They are a bit puffy, but they didn't rise much in the oven.
Now it really looks like a pumpkin...

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