27 January 2012

Curry On Wheels

SP and I trudged out into the snow (yes! First snow of the year! First snow since Halloween!) on the 21st to get lunch at a food truck, and we ended up going to Curry On Wheels, because
1. Koja wasn't open (this is turning into a running joke...it's never open when we go there)
2. Kim's wasn't open

I wasn't physically hungry (if I'm emotionally satisfied, I don't need food!) but curry is mostly always delicious. I got the Mallie Kofta Curry (vegetable curry with cheese croquettes), while SP got chicken tikka masala. The onion and sauce in the chicken tikka masala was really delicious ("medium" spicyness).

Although I also asked for "medium" spicyness, the kofta curry was like fire! Maybe I just haven't had spicy food in a while, but in order to consume that curry, I had a rice:curry weight ratio of 1:0.22 (something like that). It was still delicious, though. The cheese croquettes were a bit disappointing because there was no cheese taste, at all.
 Here is a "fully formed" cheese croquette. Note its lack of form and lack of cheese. :(

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