11 January 2012


A drink I've since associated with PL because she brought it to middle school one day, Ramune never ceases to amaze me. I've never personally bought it, though, because it's just a carbonated drink with a cool marble in the bottle...I had no emotional attachment to it. Now, however, I'll probably always think of the time SP bought two glass bottles of Ramune (he got Lychee flavour, I got Green Apple) from a small Chinese snack shop in Chinatown, from a fridge with the door handle on the left side, and then of us walking to the Liberty Bell, finding no line, passing by Security, SP tying his shoelace, and then opening Ramune on a bench on 5th and Market St, in the cold, and laughing as his bottle of Ramune overflowed.
Then SP recycled his empty glass bottle at the Visitor Center, but I kept mine. He carried it in my drawstring bag and when we walked to Penn's Landing, and then to dinner, and then back to Penn's campus, the marble would clang against the bottle.
 SP demonstrating the proper technique in pushing the marble down. Both the flavours were typical and pleasant, and the internet says that Octopus and Wasabi flavours also exist, so I'd like to try those one day too. I mean, fizzy wasabi?! Amazing!
  Empty bottle, skewing up my Avenged Sevenfold poster.
Note the marble. If this fun bottle is a motive for kids to buy carbonated sugar water, why not put milk into these bottles? Or, for more shelf-stability, juice? Carrot juice? ...I should start a business.

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