19 January 2012

The Darkroom Cafe (Part 2)

I have one of the most fantastic jobs ever. I work at the Darkroom Cafe in the basement of my dorm house, and although I had weird hours last semester, I really enjoyed it, and now, with much more respectable hours (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights), I'm quite excited for this semester! In retrospect, I definitely over-worked myself last semester (11.5 hours/week, coupled with other things, caused serious time management issues), but this semester, I'm sure that I can handle my 7.5 hours/week. As none of my classes start before 9:30am and I don't have morning shifts, I should be able to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night (which would be great!!)
Working at the Darkroom Cafe is not like working at a chain cafe -- actually, I wouldn't know for sure, but here are some things to chew on, and these are what make my job fun:
1. I'm working right now, but as there is dearth of customers at this early hour (10 pm), I'm typing here instead.
2. I can use my laptop at work!
3. No company aprons, no uniforms, no hats.
4. I do composting!
5. I meet people! And I know their names! Sorta! And we talk about hair dye, classes, and cultural stuff!
6. The cafe always smells great, especially if I'm sitting right next to the pastries.
7. I can spam my dorm house emailing list!

Here is a vapid image of a croissant that is sitting next to me, thrown onto a white pixel-filled rectangle. I don't think that this is meaningful, and I don't like having plastic wrapped around croissants.

I also found out exactly where Le Bus Bakery is located -- in Reading Terminal Market! Though, we only sell about five items from their menu, none of which I love. I kind of wish we sold cookies and pie (my favourite generic desserts, possibly?)

Hours for this semester:
Sunday: 9 pm-1 am
Monday & Thursday: 8:30 am-10 am & 9 pm-1 am
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30 am-10 am & 11 pm-1 am

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