01 January 2012

End of the world & "-Maker"s

New Year! "Last" year! This aloe drink knows when the end of the world is!! However, I do not believe that the end of the world ends on that date.

In addition, I went to Macy's today and there was a sale ($9.99 USD) for multifarious dessert-makers. For people who...want to impress without the mess. Publicity without the authenticity. For $9.99 to $29.99, you can get:
1. Donut maker (Hm, okay, cool)
2. Tart maker
3. Cookie maker (Really?!?!)
4. Circus waffle maker (Understandable.)
5. Brownie maker (REALLY??!?!?!)
6. Cupcake maker
& more.

Why can't people use ovens? This isn't Hong Kong (where we live in an oven, yet kitchens are not always equipped with them). I am being super biased here -- who knows? Maybe the makers make the exact replica of the perfect doughnut/brownie... and ostensibly, less energy is used because less heat is produced.

However, I will say that the cookie maker would be a useful grill/frying pan for a dorm room. However, I have an electric stove/skillet thingy now!

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