20 July 2011

Frozen Peanut Butter

While browsing the internet trying to find how much ice cream costs per pound (or per ounce. I've still found nothing...), I realised that I've never frozen peanut butter before.
I've frozen bananas, gooseberries, apples, blueberries, currants, cookie dough, grapes, bread, and nut brittle. I've never tried freezing peanut butter.

Hm, when I lose my frosh 15 I'll eat a jar of frozen crunchy peanut butter. Perhaps I will even add some chocolate, cereal, breadcrumbs, tortilla chips, and yoghurt into the jar (after I pour out all the oil at the top and use it in cooking). It will be peanut butter froyo, but the ratio of peanut butter to yoghurt will be something like 97:1.

I realise that I probably sound a bit crazy.

However, I think it is really crazy when people drive over a mile to get to a chain ice cream store, spend $3-4 on one measly scoop of ice cream, and drive back home. (In the case of Philadelphia, walk to a brand-name ice cream store, purchase a $4.25+ ice cream with tax).

It makes more sense to pick up some a whole container (1 pint to 1 quart to whatever value-pack-size) of ice cream for $1-7 while doing the weekly/monthly grocery shopping. (In the case of Philadelphia, walk literally 300 m further from the brand-name ice cream store, purchase a $2 pint of the same brand's ice cream flavour, with/out? tax).

I also learned today at Trader Joe's that the goat cheese on crackers is called chevre and it's even more delicious when it's spicy.

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