03 July 2011

Nuts To You

Having been to and purchased unnecessary food from all three Nuts To You stores in Philadelphia, I reckon I can give a review. In general, I like Nuts To You, and each one seems to have its own personality.
The first one I visited, on 20th next to Chestnut St., was the most jam-packed (haha) and cosy. The lady let me sample the sugar-dried kiwi, and I'm very glad I tried it, because the kiwi had no fruit/kiwi flavour! I ended up buying 2 lbs of sour gummy bears, because they were "on sale" for $1.99/lb. Uh, they weren't on sale. Also, why are there so many pineapple flavoured ones? And cherry/raspberry flavoured ones? WHERE ARE THE GREEN APPLE GUMMY BEARS?!
The flour coated peanuts that I found at another store, 13th and Walnut, were on sale though, because they had run out of the pizza flavoured one. Actually, a guy came in as I was buying animal crackers, and he asked the cashier whether there were any pizza peanuts and he said that there weren't, which is why the price of the flour-coated peanuts were $0.99/lb instead of $2.99. This is pretty good for peanuts, in my opinion. The cashier was more reluctant on letting me sample a circus peanut from the 1 lb prepackaged bag.

A day later, I came across the Nuts To You on 7th and Walnut, and it looks exactly like the one on 13th and Walnut, except that there is no smell of popcorn :(. This store had exactly one bag of pizza flavoured flour-coated peanuts, for $0.99, so I bought those, and then I went to VP library and borrowed some books. I sat outside eating and reading until I got too many mosquito bites. It was pleasant, though now I'm at least 2 lbs heavier on account of the fact that I haven't run or swam since Thursday, and I've eaten at least 2 lbs of food from Nuts To You.

Once my life is out of schedule, I can't eat or sleep properly. I end up eating too much and sleeping too late. I need to get back to either the high school 7-2:32-5-10ish schedule, or my internship 6-9-5-7-9 schedule.

721 Walnut St
1328 Walnut St
22 S 20th St

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