01 July 2011

Maybe I Should've Gone Home...

...over the long weekend.
I got out of work at 1:30pm today.
I went to Qdoba, got 2 vegetarian burritos for $6.25. Misters Washington and Adam and all those others killed so that I could buy two burritos for the price of one.

I walked into the city. I now realise that Philadelphia is puny compared to NY. The sad part is that I will not be able to go to every restaurant and grocery store in Philadelphia, so why would I ever have the chance to get to all of them in NY? Yet, I already feel sick of over half of Philadelphia - the clothing stores, the shoe stores, the furniture stores...
I realised today that the only reasons I still live is to eat food and to be in situations/environments for which I have a deep attachment. Seeing as I do not currently have family to see, friends to see, familiar places to be at, or time periods of my life to relive, eating is all I can do to feel happy in an impersonal, lonely place. Purchasing food has become my way of coping with being alone. Somehow, I tell myself that apart from tuition, the rest of my money is to be used on food. Then I wonder, what else would I spend my money on, anyway? Jewelry and clothes do not interest me that much anymore. Movies and books can be borrowed. I somehow have a bizarre addiction to food. Anything put into savings would end up being spent on food, right?
Today, I walked 8.43 miles from 4:30 pm until around 9:30 pm, pausing to look at some galleries as it was First Friday. There were nice snacks in some of the galleries and some very inspiring art (including some with glitter). One clothing store was giving out free hot dogs and I briefly considered being a scavenger and not a vegetarian anymore. What would happen? However, I am so used to just disregarding animal pieces. I don't know.

Since I was supposed to run today instead of walk, tomorrow I will probably walk at least 16 miles, since I feel that my W-H ratio puts me at a high risk for cardiovascular disease.

So, what did I do today?
1. Nuts To You on 20th St. Nice. Let me try a piece of dried kiwi (tasted NOTHING like kiwi; just sugary...flavourless. Luckily I tried it; otherwise, I would've bought a whole pound of it). Instead, I bought two pounds of sour gummy bears because they were "on sale" for $1.99/lb.

2. Nuts To You on 13th St. Less friendly, but I went because I realised that I could sample a circus peanut. The guy seemed a bit miffed that he'd have to untie a bag of circus peanuts, just for me to take one of them and thus make the "one pound" bag a little less than a pound. Last time I checked, a dried piece of kiwi was heavier than a circus peanut. The person at the 20th St. store was much more lenient about it, I guess. This store was bigger, though, and appeared to have more variety, although it could all just be spatial bias. I am glad that I didn't buy a packet of circus peanuts. Okay, I slightly like circus peanuts; they're chewy, but not really sticky like marshmallows, and certainly too soft to be considered similar to Lucky Charms cereal marbits. Circus peanuts are too moist for that. They're also super-artificial banana flavoured, and I would probably fall in love with them if they were peanut or chocolate or even mint flavoured instead. At this store, I found loads of sour gummy bears, NOT on sale, for $1.99/lb, so I don't know what I'm supposed to think (negatively, I reckon). I bought a bag of animal crackers for 40c because my sister loves them and as I was paying, a guy walked in asking about the pizza peanuts. The cashier said that there were none left, but that they were selling plain peanuts for 99c/lb. I bought a bag of those too. They aren't completely peanuts; they're covered in a flour coating which reminds me of this batter-coated peanut thing I used to eat in HK. And AUS.
A pound for $0.99 is pretty good. Maybe I will go tomorrow to buy another bag.

3. Art galleries. I did enjoy some of the art. It makes me realise how dreary my life has become after starting college. I no longer find inspiration or draw properly anymore.

4. I unintentionally found Bread St.

5. I walked to Franklin Square Park. Watching the families, the toddlers, the skateboarders, and the couples playing mini-golf, I felt lonely.

6. Chinatown. Small. No sign of stores selling those food-shaped erasers. I momentarily considered collecting all food versions of the erasers but I suppose I will just keep a scrapbook of pictures of them on my computer. It serves the same purpose. Collections.

7. Trader Joe's. Corn tortillas. $1.49. Bananas. 19c each or 29c for organic ones. I bought two organic bananas from Colombia. I haven't had enough potassium in the past month so that may explain why I nearly fainted yesterday when I was biking. I ought to add these two items to my Trader Joe's list.

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