04 July 2011

Independence Day in Historic Philadelphia

~13.2 miles.
It's interesting to be in Philadelphia for Independence Day. I left the house at 10:15ish, and got back around 4. I ran to the Historic/tourist area to check out the parade. During Mayor Nutter's speech, someone in front of me fainted and a dude was yelling "MEDIC!!" really loud, possibly interrupting the speech, but the mayor continued to talk. It was quite an experience.
The parade itself was also quite interesting; I wasn't sure whether I should clap and feel patriotic, thankful, or frown and feel slightly disgusted and misanthropic at the hypocrisy. I felt both the positive and the negative emotions. Mixed. Bizarre, because I couldn't decide. Because I wasn't sure how to feel, I just took some photos. Star Wars characters were in the parade, which was the best part! Actually, most of the parade (marching band, Star Wars, patriotism, armed forces) reminded me of B, which probably incites the whole mixed emotions thing. I got mixed foods too! (harhar).
After the parade, Wawa was giving out free Tastykake items. First, you had to get two red tickets in the Independence Visitor Center. Then, you walk about 30 m, and redeem the tickets for one Tastykake SnakBar. It's funny that they're trying to be "healthy". I totally expected something like a cupcake or brownie... instead, I get this 10 g protein/180 Calories thing that was filled with random ingredients. I ate it right after I got it because it was melting, and it tastes just like a brownie! I am not kidding! Somehow, with all the palm oil and stuff, I get something that tastes like a brownie and has icing and "chocolate" chips embedded! 10 grams of protein, too. I just find it amusing how Tastykake is trying to make and give away healthy products.
At the "Party on the Parkway", I got a lot more Tastykakes, raspberry lemonade, and iced tea. As I walked in, I also got a few samples of gum... I don't chew gum generally, but I guess I might as well bite into these samples for a prolonged period of time and then spit them back out.
I also got some fruit cups! Yay! I threw away the coupons, though, because I believe in buying fresh fruit as opposed to fruit in a cup... or canned fruit. Jam is a different story.
My haul for the day. Dude from the news gave me his autograph. I'm not sure who he is but I guess that's cool. I also got some sunscreen, which was nice since I'm using sunscreen pretty much every time I go out running.

The fireworks were nice. There were smiley face ones.

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