12 July 2011

Ben & Jerry's

(You can see Ben & Jerry's in the distance)
Because I signed up for Ben & Jerry's mailing list, I am guaranteed one scoop of ice cream and cake cone per year. For merely signing up, I got a scoop of ice cream! Today, I went to obtain my scoop after buying groceries at the Fresh Grocer. It turns out that signing up for the Fresh Grocer's card is pretty useful; I got 8 oz of cheese for "free" (a.k.a. for spending $9.89 on fruits and vegetables, which I kinda need anyway). I see how this will be useful in the future; since carrots are pretty much the same price throughout all of Philadelphia, I could totally buy 10 lbs of carrots (yes... I can eat a lot of carrots) and get a pack of cheese for free... which is nice.

Anyway, I tried the Bonaroo Buzz, after MUCH deliberation (I sampled the Late Night Snack flavour, but found the lack of potato taste in the potato chips disappointing, and I didn't find it salty at all), since I really couldn't decide. I figured, hey, malt is delicious. Let's try malt!
The girl behind the counter was super nice! The ice cream melted ridiculously fast...signifying the presence of lots of cream, I'm guessing? The flavour tasted sort of just like coffee ice cream, although there was a hint of sweet, burned sugar caramel. There wasn't much maltiness, though, and I didn't detect any caramel swirls. There were small bits of chocolate, and one lump of toffee, which upset me because I wanted huge chunks of toffee! However, the toffee was phenomenal; it was crunchy and gooey at the same time. It was nice to get some free ice cream, especially as it was over 90 F today.

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  1. while the Frogro card does get you that sweet free dairy, their prices to begin with usually have a 50 cent surcharge relative to other grocery stores due to their capitalizing on the self-contained bubble that is Penn. Don't believe their lies.