11 July 2011

7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day

It's July 11th, which means that it's "Free Slurpee Day" at 7-Eleven. For some reason, 7-Eleven thinks that today is its birthday.
On the company website, apart from the "Happy Birthday" sign, there is nothing saying the exact date on which 7-Eleven was established; it only gives the year (1927, or 1999, if you want to be official about the name change). The 7-Eleven actually refers to the hours it used to have - 7am to 11pm. Of course, most 7-Elevens are open 24/7 now, to be super "convenient".

I do like slushies. The only times I've had them in the past were in the form of Slurpees, at various 7-Elevens in Hong Kong (man, 7-Eleven in Hong Kong gives me so many happy memories!). My favourite flavour was the Coke, for sure! Then, a few years ago I just went cold turkey with soda, and although I don't really ever crave slushies, from now on, having them once a year seems pretty nice. Last year, JM and I ran to the local 7-Eleven at around 7pm to get a sample but they had run out. Thus, today ends my 5 or 7 year hiatus on 7-Eleven Slurpees, and slushies in general (I guess the ones I make at home don't count).

After my swim this morning (8:07 am), I went to the 7-Eleven at 38th and Sansom St., and it was pretty empty and all the Slurpee machines were neatly churning out coloured ice. The cashier showed me the "small" cups, 7.11 oz. It's pretty funny because a decade ago (oh my gosh. Has it really been A DECADE?!?!?) at McDonald's in Hong Kong, this size (or 8 oz) was considered the drink size in a Happy Meal, or the "small" drink. Portion sizes have skyrocketed...

I did have my camera but the Slurpee was melting ridiculously fast so I decided I'd just take a picture of the cup since it's pretty neat. The blueberry flavour was still liquid so I ended up with about 1/10 blueberry-sugar-liquid, 4/5 perfect pina colada slush, and 1/10 Coke slush on top. I know I shouldn't drink Coke anymore, especially as I haven't had it in yeeeeeeeeears, but I had a moment of nostalgia, of drinking/eating a Coke Slurpee at the playground in South Horizons in the humid Hong Kong summer afternoon, with KC, LW, and/or my brother.
So, I had to relive that again, except in the morning before breakfast in Philadelphia, alone. The Coke flavoured one was really caramelly. I guess I've forgotten the taste of Coke. The pina colada flavour was pretty awesome. I don't think the blueberry sugar water did much. I guess I'm a really emotional eater.

What if, way back when, 7-Eleven had opened from 11am to 11pm? Would the drink sizes on the 11th of November be 11.11 oz? Would they save more money, because fewer people would be inclined to trudge out and obtain an ice-cold drink in November?

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