07 June 2010

Luna Bar...

This isn't strictly a "chocolate" but honestly, I wonder whether there is any differentiation between a Snickers and a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Luna Bar. They are essentially the "same thing", except that the Luna Bar is organic and has 10g more protein than a "regular" Snickers. In essence, the Clif Bar failed to make a wheaty-oaty-ingredient-seeable bar. They instead created a solid mush topped with thin, easily melted [a.k.a. waxy/oily] layer of "chocolate" coating.
This is essentially the same as the Snickers coating. In fact, the Luna Bar is described as being a "Decadent chocolatey covered nougat". Juxtapose that with the Snickers: peanut nougat, caramel, and chocolate covered. Pretty similar... [size included!]
In short, this Luna Bar was yummy :D, and I couldn't taste much peanut at all. The chocolate layer was blandly sweet [a.k.a not chock full of chocolate]. If on the scale of the different "bars" that are on the market today, Luna Bars definitely lean [hahaha. Lean. Get it?] to the Powerbar side. A.k.a. the homogeneous mashed up ingredients side. Check up my scale:

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