05 June 2010

A's and MH's Graduation Party

Way. Too. Much. Food.
My. Stomach. Is. Glued.
Stuffed. Imbued.

I think the rule of thumb is to only eat one spoonful of everything. Or else, you end up completely unable to move [or, in my case, unable to turn around and watch K do a backflip. I missed his backflips three times. Haha].
Some dry peanut butter cake. It wasn't that great.
Homemade Mousse; best thing ever. Apple pie: really great. PB cake. Read above comment.
Really dry anise-y cookies. Also, I had my first "black-and-white" cookie. It was... cakey!
Dude. Best. Coconut custard cake. Ever.
Israeli salad, sliced potato salad [without apples!], eggplant parm - awesome! and penne.

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