30 June 2010

Kraft is Damn Crafty...

Let's put it this way.

Kraft has a new arts and crafts project in town...it's painting Cadbury's damn Easter eggs, now.
Cadbury is Ka-blam! Ca-burying what's left of its originality.
Kraft CADded more to its monopolistic inventory.
Cadbury is caddying all its creme eggs in another basket.
Cadbury is burying all its creme eggs into another CADdie.
Thus, Cadbury... gettin' buried in Kraft's caddie... left to die.

Kraft was crafty, and bought Cadbury.

Okay. I read way back, in September, that Cadbury saw Kraft's offer to buy them as an insult. I was extremely happy that Cadbury was so defiant! I emailed them, telling them to keep it up.
A few days ago, I found out that Cadbury was owned by Kraft. Since February. This reminds me of the time I found out that Snapple stopped using HFCS, and I was only a few months late, too. This is actually pretty good, considering I don't really keep up with food news [or any news, really...] so discovering it online using previously acquired information is pretty nifty. ANYWAY. I emailed them, with this:

"I am extremely completely irrevocably INFURIATED that you, Kraft, have bought Cadbury. Gee, thank you for being a monopoly."

So. This is what I got back:

"Kraft Foods

Thank You for Contacting Us!

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for visiting http://www.kraft.com/


I appreciate you taking the time to e-mail us and let us know about this situation. We always like to acknowledge when our consumers provide us with information that can help us serve you better.

I'll make sure to forward your information onto the appropriate staff.

Again, thanks for contacting us, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy our products.

Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations



She obviously didn't read my message. "I hope you'll continue to enjoy our products" contradicts exactly what I had commented. If it wasn't for Vegemite... I'd say "bye bye, Kraft." I don't really know why I dislike Kraft. The food isn't bad. I lived on Kraft peanut butter in Australia. I think it's just that they buy out smaller companies, and streamline everything so that there is no more diversity.

But a lot of companies do that, so why am I bashing Kraft? I really don't know. Call me biased. Off my Kraftckers.

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