25 June 2010

Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar

What does that look like? A brownie? Cake? Bar cookie? Squished chocolate mille-feuille? Nah... it's actually a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar. From a package. Factory made. Yet, if you had cut it up nicely and garnished a 2cm x 2cm chunk of it with a dollop of cream, you'd get this thing called a "gourmet" pastry. In high society [and middle/lower class, too, I suppose], plating matters so much. Which is rather stupid, since most foods end up looking pretty much the same in your mouth, and elsewhere. I've never really had a thing for plating. Plating makes food look too dead and ornamental. Food looks so fragile and I feel like I'm guiltily eating a sacred dinosaur bone. Anyway.
What a sexist wrapper. As though women don't like Clif bars... sigh. I'm sure guys like this too.
Looks delicious, tastes delicious! There are way too many Calories for a 48g bar but whatever... It is better than eating a cookie.

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