06 June 2010

Cake Cookies.

This is the first time in which microwaving the 37th cookie for 30 seconds actually tasted better than the baked version. The brown stuff is gingerbread cake mix [we had some extra].
Mango and raisin. Raisin' hell. Hahaha.
They look so damn poofy! And cakey! They were really "doughy" and tasted like a thin slice of cake. And, they were really shiny [and had baking powder instead of baking soda...] so I suppose this could be considered a "cake".
They didn't spread. At all. I find it rather interesting, as the batter had a low viscosity, and I used oil rather than butter. [They were supposed to be "vegan"].
This is where I got the recipe from. I changed some stuff, but nothing significant or crazy was added... basically added some milk instead of using all oil/water, and didn't use any chocolate or cinnamon. I was kinda pressed for time because these were for the Sports Awards. I don't think that people liked the plating; they looked really weird and bumpy... However, 28 of them were consumed out of 33, so that was cool. [The other 4 out of 37 were split among me, my mum, grandpa, my bro, and JM]. I think I needa tweak this more to make it an actual crumbly cookie, rather than a steamy-pudding-ish-sponge-cake.

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