24 June 2010

My Grad Party!

Too much dessert from Costco.
YES APPLE PIE!! Though, I like pumpkin pie more. SD likes apple pie.
Fried rice [one vegetarian], cold noodles, grilled corn, water gun, croutons, POTATO SALAD WITH APPLE!, some weird cow-flesh thing [in the background].
Snack table: trail mix [I made it], fried corn kernels, tortillas, Goldfish crackers, Doritos, crudites and honey mustard dip [I made it], mango salsa, potato chips, toasted pine nuts.
I made rice pudding for the first time of my life. SC and JM liked it. :D YAY
Pasta with thyme and Monterey jack cheese!!
I needa get better at estimating the amount of food to make. We had pretty much 60% of the food left, after the party. and maybe 80% of the dessert. This does not bode well with the fact that I will be home [since school is over] for the next few weeks, as I will be consuming that food.

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