10 June 2010

Senior Sports Dinner...

...was boring. [Dude check out my napkin rose! "The Art of Napkin Folding" taught me skillz :D]

Seriously, for a posh swanky parlour, the food didn't meet my expectations. With all those fancy chandeliers and embossed and labelled napkins, and actual slabs of butter rather than the plastic-ky tini containers, one'd expect Mayfair Farms to have really nice food. Of course, the menu on its website is dead elegant and extravagant. However... we got served really late [well, for that, I blame the program schedule], the salad looked kinda wilted [but tasted okay], and the options ranged less than our school cafeteria. Quality-wise, though, the BREAD WAS AWESOME. There was a tiny nutty taste with the corn grits bottom, and the crust was perfect [as in, there was a ton more crust than there was the soft part, which I like]. They had about seven dishes, of which I only ate four, since one was chicken, one was salmon, and the other was cow.
The eggplant parm was really nice, though the top wasn't crispy or cheesy enough. The asparagus was seriously saturated with ammonia and GM-ed so that they were literally the size of whiteboard markers. The potato... was potato :). And the pasta was really nice, with fresh parm, and a nice sauce [with tomatoes].

The dessert was vanilla or chocolate ice cream, with butterscotch, walnuts, or chocolate syrup. The weirdest thing is that earlier on, while staring at the butter slabs, I had said, "Dude, I want some butterscotch"... and I got it! Though, I don't really have a good photo since my coach wanted to talk to me so the ice cream kinda melted... but that was my first and last time eating butterscotch syrup from a wine glass.

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