29 October 2010

Amy Gutmann's Halloween Party!

It's funny seeing 17-24+ year-old students swarming around taking candies. It's really funny. It's funnier because Amy Gutmann, the president of UPenn, was hosting this event [I guess this is where part of our tuition ends up] and giving out Penn-style silly bands from a plastic pumpkin bucket. "It was as if Snape had started handing out sweets", except that Amy Gutmann isn't like Snape.
There was so much food it was ridiculous.
There are way too many pictures to upload so here are a few good ones.

Easy observations, though are:
1. No one likes the Dubble Bubble Gum. NO ONE LIKES IT. It's just what people buy because it's cheaper than the other candy. It lay on the tables, untouched.
2. Few people like plain ol' tootsie rolls. I was COMPLETELY OBSESSED with them two years ago; I literally ate 10 pieces at LEAST, in one sitting. It was something to keep my brain occupied. However, that fad [like my nutella fad] died out really quickly, and now I don't really enjoy the taste of tootsie rolls anymore, especially as there are PHOs in them [so many for using the "original" recipe from the 20s]. These were also left over, but I did see people taking them because there was no more other candy.
3. Twix is very very much liked.
4. The "chocolate"-esque candies were the most popular, in all honesty.
5. Hard candy received mixed reviews; no one seemed to want mints, but there much more mint candies than chocolatesque candies so it was difficult to tell.
6. Marshmallows, fruit, pretzels and chips with chocolate dip was widely enjoyed.

Yeah, bread bag because I didn't think to bring an actual drawstring bag. Heh.

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