26 October 2010

Hello College Food!

Yeah, college food. As in, Allegro Pizza and Insomnia Cookies. The stuff that keeps college kids going! [Apparently.] For Eco-Reps we decided to order this stuff... so much for sustainability, healthy, or fair trade ingredients. Eh.
I guess the bright side is that it's not Pizza Hut and Pillsbury...
The cookie was a really normal chocolate chip cookie, except that it was cloud shaped [yes, that can be said of any cookie, really.] and had a larger proportion of chocolate to cookie. Nothing too special... so I don't really know why everyone is so obsessed with Insomnia Cookies. Perhaps it's because they can deliver really late at night, and they originated on Penn's campus. It was a really delicious cookie, evidently. For $1 at night when you're desperate and sad and starving, I suppose it's great, although usually I don't like to eat too late at night.
The brownie was really mediocre and did not taste too chocolately. This is why they're called Insomnia COOKIES...
Allegro pizza...This is the first pizza store, apart from Pizza Box, that has rectangular/square shaped pizza, which is AMAZING. I had two slices of pizza without cheese since I really didn't feel like eating cheesy pizza... so it was just tomato sauce and crust. The crust was pretty good; it was between thick and thin crust. Actually, I'd say it was more thin crust pizza, but not crunchy crust. I can't say much about the topping except that it was tomatoey and didn't taste fake, which was pretty good. I think this was for the vegans in the crowd, although, ironically, there are no vegans on my section of Eco Reps. Actually, there aren't many vegetarians either...
I don't think the club is actually that concerned about the environment, really. It's all chatter. It lacks action.

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