10 October 2010


BACK home! I got back on Friday night at 9:40pm ish, even though I should've been back at 7:15pm [traffic is terrible. I had traffic out of Philly, INTO NY, then OUT OF NY. What a wonderful experience. At least I had food :)]
I noticed that nothing much has been consumed at home... my brother likened it to the Pullman strike, in which nothing could get done in Chicago while the RR workers were on strike... in other words, if I'm not home, no food gets eaten. Even the freakin' pistachios are untouched!
Anyway, it's nice to be home and eat food at any time I want.
One thing that people in college keep talking about is the archetypal "home-cooked meal". I haven't had one yet, actually, and I don't really care for one. I don't get why everyone seems so in love with "home-cooked meals" when most families in the U.S. prefer to eat out anyway.
Strange culture.
Anyway, I did get to eat meals with my brother and sister so that was really nice since we could do the whole "eating and meeting" thing.
While I was at college, my dad had a business trip in Basel, Switzerland, and he brought back a lot of chocolate. It was also really expensive chocolate. I don't really think it tastes that much different from a dark chocolate bar, but perhaps there is something in the ingredients that makes it special. I don't know. I mean, the presentation evidently is better than a normal chunk of chocolate, but I personally just like dark chocolate bars.
This was the espresso chocolate, which was some dark chocolate espresso ganache covered in dark chocolate. It was okay but not worth however much it cost. I like cocoa powder more...
OH so we had two coconuts! My brother and I shared one, and we're gonna consume the other one at some point in the future...
After drinking the liquid portion endosperm, I sought to crack open the coconut in order to share the remaining endosperm with my brother. I accomplished this by throwing the coconut onto concrete since both the hammer and the knife refused to crack open the coconut.
Below is the splat created by the coconut when I threw it. Unfortunately, we could not retrieve all the pieces of the coconut. Coconut shells remarkably resemble autumn leaves.
We somehow cracked it open from there...
My brother likes frozen blueberries [as do I] so we have a stash of them.

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