23 October 2010

Artisserie Chocolate Café

I'm not really sure what "artisserie" means. It's not a French word. It sounds French, yes, but unless it's a misspelling of "pâtisserie" [which would make sense, by the way], it's not a word.
Either way, it's exactly how gourmet cafes/chocolate stores portray themselves. I wondered why anyone would buy a truffle for $1.25 but then I remembered that the Godiva chocolate was around $1 for one, as well. ...I guess I'm just one of the odd people who'd prefer to eat cocoa powder plain.
My HSOC professor has been having coffees with us students, 5 at a time, to get to know us better. This is amazing because it breaks the stereotype of professors just lecturing and not caring about people's names etc. He even grades 1/3 of the exams... which is pretty cool too. Actually, he reminds me of my high school APUS1 teacher, because he not only adds a sense of humour to everything we learn ["by "cosmopolitan", I don't mean "how to please your man", for example, is one of his jokes concerning globalisation of medicine...]
There was some spicy hot chocolate, and I nearly got that but I tend to like cold drinks more [yes, even in the winter] since hot drinks burn my tongue...well, I guess it also depends on my mood. So, I got the Extreme Chocolate [I think that was it?] flavoured frappe, without whipped cream. It was actually extremely SMOOTH. I don't understand how something with chunks of ice can feel smooth, but this probably had a litre of cream in it or something, since it was seriously like drinking mousse. I almost said that it wasn't chocolatey, but then I'd be lying. I just think that the creaminess masked the bitter chocolate flavour that I had expected.
Although I apparently had a shot of espresso in it, I didn't really taste much coffee. In truth, it was a nice drink except that the flavours weren't so prevalent. I blame it on the bucket of sugar in the drink. That probably masked all the flavour...
Or, I was just too focused on listening to my professor and the other 4 [well, mostly one since she, by far, talked the most] talking.

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