27 October 2010

Tomato Biscuits!

On Friday, TJ, MA, JC and I went to the Penn Taiwanese Society Bubble tea Social. Unfortunately, since we went at 2:30pm [Oh, we got let out of class really early because we were all going to go see Noam Chomsky, but it turned out that we were supposed to preregister], there was NO MORE BUBBLE TEA. I didn't really mind because I was going for coffee with my HSOC peers and professor. Anyway.
Since we [well, TJ, mostly] looked extremely upset, they just gave us some food. Yay! I got some nori which was amazing since I LOVE dried, crunchy seaweed. I also got this:
Notice that there are holes in the back of each piece. I guess it's on purpose... because all of them had holes on the back. They were really pretty, in my opinion, for crackers/biscuits.
Now, they were crunchy and a tad tomatoey and oily.
Get this, though: they were SWEET. As in, there were sugar granules on them. I'm telling, you this was bizarre. Imagine drenching a slice of pizza or lasagne with a packet of sugar, and you'll get the picture. Get the taste, rather :P [<- tongue is out, to lick the food]. Unfortunately, it wasn't even a good pairing. Peanut butter and tortilla chips are a good pairing, yes, but this... wasn't.

Definitely a "Newtaste".

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